Front Row Seat

I've officiated quite a few weddings over the last 5 years. It's one of my favorite services that I offer. I have written the ceremony for all the weddings I have officiated. What I really look forward to is when I get to learn about the couples back story. Before I meet with a couple for consultation, I send a questionnaire. There's questions like, "How did you meet?" "What's your favorite trait about your partner?" This is where the magic really begins for me. I love love! Learning about a couple helps me create the ceremony that really captures their relationship. This is such a fun and exciting process. I love bringing humor and inside jokes into the vows. I also really enjoy a more traditional expression of love to one another

I am a hopeless romantic who believes in happily ever after - because I live in my own happily ever after! As much as I enjoy consulting with a couple and designing a ceremony that they love, officiating the actual wedding is where I am especially privileged. I remember my own wedding day. I remember the moment I arrived at the front of the hall holding my love's hands and looking into his eyes. It was as if we were the only ones in the room. When I'm officiating a wedding, I get the up close insider's view of that moment. Being an Empath, I can feel the anxiety and excitement of each partner. It's usually so palatable that I'm sure most of the room can feel it as well!!! This special moment is just for them. And I get a front row seat. I'm so grateful to all the couples who have invited me to be such a big part of such a momentous occasion and honored that they have given me such an intimate look at their relationship as we work together writing the ceremony.

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