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New Moon in Virgo: How I Reset & Manifest

"Your words are powerful spells. Use them wisely"

In astronomy, the new moon is the first lunar phase and beginning of each moon cycle. It's when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. At this phase, the lunar disk is not visible to the naked eye, except when it is silhouetted against the Sun during a solar eclipse. New moons are for resetting and manifesting. Moon energy can be felt and utilized three days before and three days after a moon phase.

This moon cycle is in the sign of Virgo. During this new moon, set your intentions for the next month. For me that means refreshing my altar. I have added clear and white stones to my altar. Clear stones like Clear Quartz can be used for manifesting and amplifying energy and intentions. White stones like selenite are great for clearing energy. I have added a few goddess figurines and items with words like "dream" and "manifest" on them. I keep all my manifestations in a notebook. First I burn some sage to cleanse the space and light a white candle. Then I write.

One of the challenges of this particular new moon will be the struggle to stay focused and find balance. Keep that throat Chakra balanced and open! This can be done by getting a Reiki treatment, by belting out your favorite tunes, by screaming, or even laughing out loud and loudly. Choose whichever method calls to you. When you sit down to write, be direct with your words. This new moon in Virgo can bring the struggle to express yourself. Be patient and get specific on what you want to say to The Universe. You should also be mindful of communications with friends, lovers, employers, employees, and family during this moon cycle.

The moon will be "new" on August 27th at exactly 416am EST. Before speaking or writing your intentions, remember that your words are spells. They are powerful. YOU are powerful. Use your power and speak your desires into existence! May all your dreams and intentions come to fruition!

Mote it be. Amen. So it is.


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