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Psychics, Mediums & Empaths... Oh my!

It always surprises me how many people do not know the difference between being a Psychic, Medium, and Empath. It just goes to show me how I can take knowledge and experience for granted. Truly these are all variations of our sixth sense that we are all born with. It is our birthright. It’s there for all of us to access. Some of us just need a little help accessing it, the same way some of us need glasses to access 2020 vision. I love to help my students to access what they already have within them.

Being a Psychic is kind of an all encompassing term. It covers all extrasensory perceptions(ESP). Under that umbrella is being an Empath. Empaths are incredibly sensitive and special folks. There are so many different kinds of Empaths that I could teach a whole class on that alone! But as a blanket term, an Empath is someone who feels what others are feeling. Sometimes that is emotional feelings and sometimes its physical feelings. For me personally it's both. I can feel other people's emotions as well as their physical pain. This helps me to help others identify and understand their own emotions, and in some cases helps me to help them understand physical ailments. Because Empaths feel everything so deeply of those around them, they need to learn how to energetically protect themselves. There is a way Empaths can help others while not letting themselves get overwhelmed. To observe and not absorb. This is part of what I teach in Mediumship 101.

Then we have Mediums. Mediums are the connection between a living person and their loved ones who have died. Some Mediums have Clairvoyance. That means that they can “see”. So for some Clairvoyants that means they see visions of the past or future in their minds. For others still it can mean seeing spirit with their eyes. Some Mediums have Clairaudience. That means they “hear” things that others may not. This can be a song playing or certain sounds in their mind and in some cases, a Clairaudient can hear Spirit with their ears. This will be different for each Medium to varying degrees.

Not all psychics identify as a Medium or an Empath. Even though we are all born with these abilities, some feel more connected to one term or gift than the others. I personally identify myself as a Psychic Medium. Although, being an Empath was my first gift when I was a young girl. Long before I ever realized it was a gift. Some days it really felt like a curse. I have a tremendous amount of experience as an unprotected Empath exposed to others emotions and physical ailments before I was taught to energetically protect myself. It was hard. Like really, really hard. I struggled for most of my life. This is a huge reason why I wanted to teach classes and build a community. I know what it was like and how much better it is now. It is such a joy to help others to learn how to use and enjoy their gifts.

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