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The Empress

The Empress is my favorite Tarot Card. She represents; The Mother, Divine Feminine, Gaia, or Mother Earth. 🤰🤱🌍 She is the number three card in the Major Arcana (learn more about what this means in my Intuitive Tarot classes). Three is a sacred number💫3️⃣💫. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Mother, Maiden, Crone. The full circle of life. I have always been especially fond of this card and felt connected to the mother aspect long before I became a mother.

My connection to The Empress deepened in the summer of 2020 while teaching an Intuitive Tarot class. All my classes were taught via Zoom at that time due to the Pandemic. In the last portion of my class, I have all the students pair off and do readings for one another. I hear the SAME thing each class from most of the students. They tell me they don't think they can actually read Tarot. They feel they aren't psychic or aren't psychic enough. Each time the students are shocked when the readings they give are accurate!

In this particular class, there were an odd number of students. I offered the last student to read for me. When she asked what I'd like to hear about, I asked about my husband's career. She pulled The Empress for me! She then proceeded to tell me I was pregnant. I assured her I was not. The reason I knew I wasnt is because each time I have been pregnant, (with both my boys and both of the early miscarriages I had) I would be throwing up and dizzy a week before a test could confirm! Well, I felt absolutely fine. Healthy in fact.

I told her I wasn't pregnant. I explained why I knew that. I also explained that my son was just barely 9 months old and still exclusively breastfed. I knew she was reading the cards wrong. I went on to explain the many different ways there are to read The Empress and what the card could mean for my question. Her response was, "Well, if you're not pregnant now…you are though…you will be soon".

Fast forward two nights later. I was in my kitchen making dinner. I began to reflect on the class. I couldn't stop thinking of what she had said. In the middle of making dinner, I heard my late grandmother's voice in my head(in a very snarky tone in fact) say, "oh c'mon, you know you wanna test!". Since I had struggled with infertility throughout my late 20s and into my early 30s, there were always pregnancy tests in the house. Annoyed, I left the food on the stove, ran into my bathroom and took a test. I knew it would be negative so I opted to check it after dinner was done.

That night getting into bed, I remembered the test was on the counter in my bathroom. I got out of bed to check, again fully expecting a negative test. However, there on my bathroom counter was a test with 2 pink lines on it! 😳 I was FLOORED. I called from the bathroom, "Uhm, Joe? There's a pregnancy test in here and it's positive". As shocked as I was my husband responded, "Is it yours??"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ At his suggestion, I took another couple tests😂. Blazing positives. ➕➕

The Empress card has been my favorite card since I taught myself to read The Tarot when I was 14 years old. At 39 years old, my connection to her deepened. I called my student the next day to tell her the news. She was one of those students who had told me she wasn't psychic and wouldn't be able to learn how to read The Tarot. Her experience is not unique - well in respect to predicting my pregnancy, yes it was unique hahaha. But so many of the people who sign up for my class are so sure they aren't psychic and then they find out that they absolutely are!!

My daughter is now 18mo old and although she was the biggest surprise of my life, she certainly was the piece to our family we didn't even know was missing.

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