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The Hunter's Moon and Moon Water Recipe

In North America, when October’s Full Moon comes into view, Native Americans would take it as a sign to gather and prepare for the cold months ahead. Therefore, October’s Moon is known in the Farmer’s Almanac as the Hunter’s Moon. In China, this is the Kindly Moon or Chrysanthemum Moon, while in medieval England this was the Blood Moon. Sometimes, the Harvest Moon is mistaken for the Hunter’s Moon because once every four years or so the Harvest Moon is in October instead of September. When that happens, the Hunter’s Moon is in November. This year, the Hunter’s Moon will be at its fullest on Sunday October 9th at 4:54pm EST.

Remember, you can take advantage of the Full Moon energy 3 days before and 3 days after the Full Moon. There are lots of other ways you can utilize this intense energy. This is a wonderful time to do some canning and other food prep that mimics how our ancestors may have prepared food. For me I will be gathering herbs and ingredients this week for some Abundance Spells I will be doing on the New Moon. I will do some reflective journaling and I will be making some Moon Water (See a super simple recipe and uses below) to use in various rituals and spells that I will do over the winter. You can also start to prepare some homemade gifts for Yule or Winter Solstice.

The month of October is a special time with the Veil thinning daily as we approach Samhain. This is the perfect time to think about life cycles as we watch the trees turn color and die off for the winter. Take time to journal daily. Look through old photo albums and letters or cards from your family. However you choose to celebrate this month and this Full Moon, be intentional. Also remember we are still in the Shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, so be still and pause before making any big decisions .


I am making Moon Water this month as I like to leave mine outside and it very likely could be freezing on the next several full moons. I will be using my Moon water for various spells, to cleanse crystals, to wash counters and other surfaces in a homemade cleaner, in a spray bottle as a smudge spray for spaces in my home and I will also be making a travel spray for my hands. I often don't have the opportunity to wash my hands in between clients when I do larger events. This is a way I can cleanse the energy from the last reading before moving onto the next client.

  1. First you need a clear glass Jar with a lid. I like to use Mason Jars personally.

  2. Fill the jars with either spring water, rain water or distilled water if you intend on using the water in any culinary recipe. As you are filling the jar with water, focus on your intention for this water.

  3. As you are filling the jar with water, focus on your intentions for this water.

  4. Place the jar outside, on a balcony or in your yard, or in a window where Grandmother Moon can infuse it with her powerful beams. I will be placing mine outdoors this Sunday night overnight.

  5. The next day the water is ready to use. I will label the jars with the date. I will refrigerate some and place the rest in a cool dark place.

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